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Game News
Hello everyone and welcome to the site!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me for help, and I would love to assist with anything you need in game, that is what we are here for. We will post further information about the legion here including events, abyss sieges, instances, and much more. 

Brigade General
Guild News

Legion Rank Info (Please Read)

Crimson Shadows Admin, Sep 11, 11 3:48 PM.
This is how rank is laid out in the legion. If you have any questions please ask Griffon in game. 

Volunteer - All members under level 25 and members above level 25 who do not have abyss access are in this category. 

Legionary - All Members 25 to 45 with abyss access are in this category.

Centurion - All members 45 to 55 are in this category.

Deputy -  This category is reserved for the best of the best, and is appointed at the discretion of the Brigade General Only regardless of level. If the Brigade General is unavailable the Deputy or Deputy's are in command.

Brigade General - Griffon. This level may not be obtained. 

Legion Rules (plese read)

Crimson Shadows Admin, Sep 11, 11 3:38 PM.
Here are the few rules we have layed out for the legion. Your feedback is welcomed and please send your questions or comments to Griffon in game.

1. You must abide by all rules and regulations as laid out by ncsoft.
2. Be respectful to your fellow legion members.
3. You must remain an active Aion player (sign into the game at least once a month).
4. Have fun.

Violation of any of these rules can result in ejection from the legion.

Brigade General
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